“Internship Navigator: Become FutureReady for Your Career Early” Webinar with Piyush Jalan

“Internship Navigator: Become FutureReady for Your Career Early” Webinar with Piyush Jalan

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IntroductionStartup Advisors in collaboration with Vakeel Khoj brings to you, webinar on “Internship Navigator: Become FutureReady for Your Career Early,” About Course Tutor Mr. Piyush Jalan is the Founder of LawLearnizo and Managing Partner at Lex Assisto Media and Publications. He completed his graduation from Amity Law School, Amity University Kolkata. Piyush’s entrepreneurial journey began […]

From Aspiring Lawyer to Legal Contract Maverick: The Journey of Achal Agarwal

Actionable Insights Introduction In the ever-evolving world of legal contracts and compliance, few professionals stand out as much as Achal Agarwal. With a rich and diverse background in contract management, legal consulting, and negotiation, Achal has carved a niche for himself in the legal industry. Currently serving as a Senior Analyst at Accenture, he brings […]

8 Key Strategies for Legal Budgeting Mastery for Startups

Maximize your startup’s potential with effective legal budgeting strategies. Learn how smart legal planning can be both cost-effective and beneficial for your business’s growth. Legal matters can seem daunting for any startup, with concerns about costs often at the forefront. Understanding and mastering legal budgeting is crucial for emerging businesses aiming to minimize expenses without […]

How To Incorporate A Start-Up

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the Startup incorporation process is crucial for establishing a solid legal foundation and unlocking growth opportunities. Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur in India or a small business owner, understanding the startup incorporation process and selecting the right legal structure are essential steps toward success. In this guide, we’ll explore the […]

Navigating Legal Services: Cost-Effective Strategies for Startups

Launching a startup is an exhilarating journey, filled with potential and promise. Yet, it’s also a path paved with various challenges, not the least of which is managing legal matters efficiently and affordably. Legal services can quickly drain your resources, leaving less capital for growth and development. However, fear not! There are several strategies to […]

IP Protection For Startup

Safeguarding intellectual property is vital to prevent idea theft and reputation damage. Adequate insurance coverage, especially for patent or trademark disputes, is crucial for protecting against costly legal battles, ensuring business focus on growth.Implementing best practices and securing appropriate insurance ensures readiness for situations involving misuse of intellectual property, allowing startups to navigate legal challenges […]

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